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Why hire professional installation services for your new floor?

At our family-owned and operated company, Griffith Flooring Service LLC, we have decades of flooring experience, and over 18 of those years have been with us specializing in installation. We know how a flooring installation can impact your surface's appearance and longevity, whether it’s a carpet installation or some other type of flooring. Some even go so far as to say the installation is as important as the product.

Experience the quality of true craftsmanship

That’s the slogan in our flooring company in Beech Grove, IN. We're so confident that your floors will become the focal point, the jewel in the crown of your home, that we guarantee our work for two years. Flooring is a major investment in your home, so get it right the first time and let the pros handle it. It’s also a matter of time; we all lead busy lives, and what may seem like a simple project for you can turn into one that's time-consuming, costly, and exhausting.

All flooring isn’t the same. Some types require more extensive subfloor restoration, subfloor moisture readings, vapor barriers, plywood bases, or other underlayments. We’ve also seen it all to spot potential challenges and then handle them if they turn into more significant problems. You’ll be glad you came to us.



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Why you’ll want a professional installation

Inaccurate measuring, imperfect cuts, crooked seams, improper subfloor restoration, and more can make the surface floor unattractive and possibly result in damages that create costly repairs or even replacement before its time. One example is luxury vinyl flooring. While it can be a floating floor, which is fast and uncomplicated, subfloors may need a little extra care. They only need to be clean, dry, and level, but if they aren't adequately sanded when required, the imperfections will telegraph to the surface floor. These are a lot of things to keep in mind, which is why a professional installation by Griffith Flooring Service LLC will be perfect for your peace of mind and new floors.

If you’re considering a new floor in your: Beech Grove, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Greenwood, IN, Franklin, IN, Whiteland, IN, Shelbyville, IN, New Palestine, IN, Cumberland, IN, Grenfield, IN, or Fairland, IN home, let our flooring experts tell you more about our installation services. The Griffith Flooring Service LLC showroom is in Beech Grove, IN. Our quotes are always free.