Why you'll want carpet flooring in your home

Carpet is in a league all its own. A room's atmosphere can be altered just by changing up the rug. A room can easily go to modern with fun and distinctive monthly or more formal and traditional with the iconic Saxony in the plush/velvet version. When looking for a carpet store in Beech Grove, IN consider Griffith Flooring Service LLC your one-stop source for a high-quality product and superior installation.

Improved indoor air quality

A rug can improve the indoor air quality and this has been proven time and again through scientific studies; in fact, many say they're more helpful than other floors for those with breathing problems. When vacuumed, pollutants, and particles get trapped into the fibers where they remain until the rug is deep-cleaned.

That means they don't fly around in the air for people to breathe in, resulting in it being safe for allergy and asthma sufferers.

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It quiets things down

Have you ever noticed scatter rugs layered over a hard surface? Yes, that's a great design tool, but it's also functional because carpeting absorbs sound. Hard surfaces don't absorb sounds the way a rug will. The vibrations bounce off the walls and create echos, so you'll hear dinging, muffled conversations, the click of heels, etc.

Keeping you cozy

Unlike some floors that transfer heat or cool, a carpet holds on to it because it has a higher insulation factor, called R-value than others. A warm room will stay warm, while a chilly one will stay that way. The padding adds to this benefit. That also means you'll save on energy costs because there won't be any heat loss.

A rug also provides superior traction so kids and pets can run and still slow down when necessary, minimizing injury. If they slip and fall, it's a lot less painful to fall on a soft surface than a hard one.

There's also a budget for everyone, what with all of the styles and fibers. When properly cleaned and cared for, a rug will maintain it's beauty and performance for years, resulting in minimal replacement costs. You might also save on installation because it doesn't require as much subfloor prep work as other floorings.

If you're a homeowner in Beech Grove, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Greenwood, IN, Franklin, IN, Whiteland, IN, Shelbyville, IN, New Palestine, IN, Cumberland, IN, Grenfield, IN, and Fairland, IN be sure to come into the Griffith Flooring Service LLC showroom in Beech Grove, IN. We'll help you find the perfect carpet flooring and also give you a free quote. Our installations are so superior that we offer a two-year guarantee.